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It was a results of joint effort keeping aside the competition for the organization. After this, AISTF came under the influence of the world organization. AISTF continued to take projects prepared by the world organization and to take money from them to implement those projects. When we looked back the loss that we suffered came to our notice. The habits of workers were also found to have changed for the worse Submitting wrong accounts appeared to be easy. The temptation to visit foreign countries also increased among our workers. This later on change in to a competition among workers for going abroad. This period was such that in the changing situation of the country the teacher’s organization remained inactive towards changing that situation. In a way service to the nation, Indianess in education and efforts to usher in nationality ideas in the field of education confined to talks only. In short these are the foot prints of the organization since 1964.

In 1985 workers began to realize that in spite of building up an influential group in AISTF, we were far away from achieving our expected goal. After continuing our struggle for about 20-25 years we achieved our earlier aim to a great extent. But new goals did not come up before us. In such a situation we engaged ourselves in analyzing the present position of the mission and derived certain facts. From 1961 to 1965 we made continuous efforts to place before the government various demands of teachers. It had two effects. First the idea was that teachers organization is only for fulfilling the demands of teachers. When we face difficulties and when we have the need, we make use of the organization. Otherwise we don’t’ have any need to think of the organization. This attitude has taken deep root. During this period, as the teachers organization did not say anything before teachers about our own society, our nation and our relation with it and the expectation of the society from us, teachers on the strength of organized power only ‘learnt to take’ but did not learn to give something. Secondly it came to our notice that raising personal or general demands has an immediate aim after fulfilling of which man turns away from the organization. To save the organization from this mentality it should have such aims before it that will keep the organization active for a prolonged period of time.

From the assessment our work from 1961 to 1985 the following facts sprang up :

1. Teachers consider the organization only as a means of fulfilling their interests. This attitude is responsible for the poor condition of teacher’s organization.]
2. Teacher’s organization very rarely touches upon the problems of education in the country. But “Education is our core concern and we know its problems, we shall guide the society and the country in this regard.” This idea never arose in the minds of the leaders of our organization. As a result we did not take steps in the right direction.
3. Because of the above mentioned self centered and attitude of teacher’s organization the distance between the society and the teachers is constantly widening. The society has started considering teachers as selfish, where as teachers are expressing the view that they have nothing to do with the society since the Govt. is paying their Salary. This distance between the teachers and the society and their separation is neither in the interest of teachers nor in the interest of parents nor in the interest of education. We must fill-up this gap in a planned way.
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