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4. The effort to rouse the feeling of nationalism in the field of education and intensify it either by the teacher’s organization or by the Govt. or through any other medium is almost zero. The Govt. is making every attempt to resist systematic way the rise in the feelings of nationalism. In reality when feeling of nationalism intensify more and more, a person begins to practice sacrificing certain demands for the cause. As a result educational development picks up momentum of the nation.

5 . The experience of these 25 years shows that the thoughts of our co-workers were also based on the well being of the society. There was no feeling about what I would get out of it. The thought was centered on what we could do keeping in mind the progress of the society and the nation. We realized that the AISTF was not free from defects. There was another point when we were thinking of the education system of the whole country, it was found that only ‘secondary teachers ’ organization was not enough for the task. Under these circumstances, we decided to build Akhi Bharatiya Rashtriya Sahikshik Mahasangha, although at this time the AISTF was under our total influence. Yet our workers thought it necessary to set up a new organization. It was in 1988 that the declaration was made of the launching of this new organization, ABRSM.

From 1988 to 2002 we have been controlling both the organizations. But our aim is different and much wider. The well-being of the country and the nation is of primary importance to us. So, one argument among the ‘workers’ was now that our organization has started functioning and because we had no opportunity to rouse nationalist outlook while working with the communists, we should leave AISTF. Although almost every body agrees to this suggestion, its has become necessary to consider once more whether it will be in the national interest to leave an organization recognized all over India and allow the communists to recapture it. It was therefore decided that we should stary in the AISTF to forestall any negative development. So we shall have to strengthen ABRSM to achieve our motto, intensify feeling of nationalism and to move forward with a new vision on education and society.

We should make every effort to promote intimate relationship between the teachers and the nation. This is our main task. It is quite encouraging that our workers are realizing this.

Seventeen years have past since ABRSM was launched. When it was established, we were totally active in AISTF. So, it took us about four to five years to reorient our activity to ABRSM. It also took quite sometime to set up the organizational structure of ABRSM. Even today we are not in a position to say that the influence of working in another organization in the past has totally ended. We can only say that workers have agreed to accept this change. Their self-confidence has now dependent, so that they will be able to understand it. This confidence of the workers is very important.

We are planning to reach all the states by the end of 2006 and have our units in every State. We shall make an endeavour to cultivate among the teaching community an intimacy with nationalist feelings.
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