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Resolutions Passed by National Council Meeting held on 27, 28th December 2008,
at Pramathi Hill view Academy, Mysore (Karnataka)
Resolutions : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Resolution No.1

Government must take strongest
measures to curbe terrorism

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in India ever since Jinnah spread terror in India by lunching direct action on 16th August 1946 to get Pakistan, terrorism has been having a field day in India. Thus Pakistan born of hatred and terror, will continue to live in and export terror to all parts of the world. Pakistan invaded India four times but failed to wrest Kashmir. Realizing that, it can not win a frontal confrontation with India; Pakistan has changed its strategy and decided to bleed India by carrying out terrorist attacks deep inside our country or by fomenting trouble and riots on any pretext. Sometimes it is Hazaratbal or on some other extraneous reason. The ISI of Pakistan under direct control and guidance of Pakistan Army has spread terror net work all over India including using unguarded Bangladesh border as entry point with the help of indigenous minority sympathizers. The terrorist attack in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Akshardham in Gujarat, Jaipur and Delhi, repeated attacks in Mumbai, parliament house and other places only conforms that terror was launched by Pakistan to strike at the belly of India to soften her up and wait for an opportunate moment to launch a military offensive has been continuing without any let up. Recent incident of a well thought out plan and execution of terrorist attack on Mumbai is a cause of great concern, National humiliation and shame. Just ten terrorist toring apart our security system without any resistance. They caused massive damage to human life and wealth. Our national security system failed to comprehend the impact of this attack. This has exposed the lapses; inefficiency, illequipedness, unhealthy and suspious behaviour of agencies involved in security intelligence. The shocked nation has reacted to this attack in one voice to condemn this incidence. Nation wants action by destroying terrorist (including Maoist and other Ungravedi (extremists) sangthans) training Camps in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. However it is to be noted that people of both countries wish to live in peace and wants peace process efforts be continued.

Unfortunately successive Indian government barring a few years of NDA rule have been pursuing the mirrage of establishing good neighbourly relations with Pakistan and have in the process compromised on the question of safety of the people and security of the country. By neglecting the country’s defence preparation preparedness, the Government has thrown open the country’s borders and is squarely responsible for tempting terrorist outfits of all hues to strike at India. Government cannot deny the responsibility. It can no longer befool the people by resorting to any amount of rhetoric of taking “strongest possible measures”. Although Parliament has expressed its solidarity with nation and resolved to end terrorist activities. It has also enacted national investigation agency act and amended unlawful activities act 1967 for maintaining internal security and unified investigation.

ABRSM therefore, condemns the failure of the UPA government to protect the peace loving people of the country and its policy of pursuing vote-banks politics of appeasing the minority community. ABRSM also condemns the failure of UPA Government to carryout the apex court order to carryout the death penalty on Afzal Guru, the master mind behind the attack on Parliament. The government have thus dishonored and insulted those heroes who laid down their lives to protect the temple of democracy and saved the lives of ungrateful leaders. ABRSM demands that Afzal Guru be hanged without further delay to send a message to the terrorists that they cannot get away scot free. Government must take appropriate measures including direct action and diplomatic pressure to strike at the root of terrorism in the country of its origin, i.e. Pakistan the epicenter of all terrorism. ABRSM also calls upon the teachers to help to fight against terrorism by educating students about various aspects and shapes of terrorist activity. Teachers should also ensure educating students about internal security measures.
Resolutions : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
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