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Resolutions Passed by National Council Meeting held on 27, 28th December 2008,
at Pramathi Hill view Academy, Mysore (Karnataka)
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Resolution No 3:

Ensure Implementation of Right to Education

National Council of ABRSM welcomes the belated approval of Parliament to right to education Bill and hopes that very soon it will take the shape of an Act. Enactment of this Act is consequential to the 86th constitutional amendment in 2002 by NDA Government. It is a matter of concern that even after 60 years of independence and 6 years to constitutional amendment enormous delay is caused by time taken by various committees in screening the bill and more importantly opposition by private schools lobby. However, now it is hoped that it will be implemented in right earnest at the earliest.

Bill ensures compulsory and free education to all children in age group of 6 to 14 years; bill also provides reservation of 25% of total seats to socially disadvantaged class (as a part of neighborhood school system) without any exemption to any one including minority institution. The national Executive Council of ABRSM strongly feels that minorities are integral part of the Nation. Thus they should share the future development of Human resources and skills on equal footing. There is no justification for any type of exemption to any one in implementation of right to education. Right to education bill totally bans private tuitions, coaching and also any type of donations or capitation fee in any form. Bill also bans screening and /or any interview of children, parents or guardians. These are all welcome, but ABRSM warns Govt. against the pressure of private schools lobby who wish to expand the market and commercialization of education. Government must ensure that while implementing right to education provisions it totally controls private educational institutions. ABRSM also feels that entire financial burden of implementation of right to education provision be born by central government to fulfill constitutional guarantee. ABRSM feels that right to education is a massive drive to eradicate illiteracy and training future human resources and skills. ABRSM views that its implementation require strengthening and expansion of primary school system as well as secondary and higher education so as to impart education to large numbers coming out of primary school system. It requires massive physical input like recruitment of teachers, teaching aids, buildings and above all qualitative teachers training programme. It requires great re-orientation in teaching aptitudes and content of teachers training. Education particularly primary education should be insulated from local power politics and politics of local self government system. Primary education system and schools be run and guided by local school development committee of parents, students, teachers and local social workers. This system should be well connected and co-ordinated with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and mid-day meal programme for bringing all schools under this programme at the earliest. ABRSM extends strong support to implement right to education. It also calls upon its member organization and teachers to whole heartedly support and co-operate in this national programme of great importance.
Resolutions : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
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