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Resolutions Passed by National Council Meeting held on 27, 28th December 2008,
at Pramathi Hill view Academy, Mysore (Karnataka)
Resolutions : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Resolution No 4:

Pay Scale to School Teachers

The national council of ABRSM generally welcome the acceptance of sixth pay commission recommendations for central government employees. ABRSM feels that these recommendations meet the aspirations of government employees in general. But it ignores many aspects so for as teachers are concerned. Education up to secondary level has to play an important role in training and educating the youth. It requires huge changes in content and quality of education. It can not be achieved without re-training and re-orientation of teachers. But the system generally treats them as a simple government employee. These recommendations fail to provide a well thought out plan to motivate teachers to make new experiments in education. It fails to provide a satisfactory promotion scheme for school teachers it has not addressed to general grievances communicated by teacherís organizations from time to time. More over millions of teachers of state government schools suffer from the apathy and financial stringency of state governments. They are denied even meagre benefits extended by central government. The prominent example is the orders of implementation of pay-scale by Delhi State Government which provides for the minimum pay for different categories of teachers but deprive them the benefit of bunching and step-up thereby, caunsing a great financial loss to teachers. Other states who have accepted the recommendations, like Rajasthan has not implemented the benefit of upgraded services of 6th pay commission. Other states will make the acceptance in different ways. ABRSM strongly feels that central government should initiate for mitigating these hardships and evolve a national programme for pay scales, promotion, training and re-orientation of teachers of whole India. It should also devise a plan for financial assistance to state government for uniform implementation of this plan. A very large number of teachers belong to private-aided and un-aided schools. This section of teaching community is left to the wishes and mercy of school management. Insufficient pay and pay scales, poor service conditions, lack of post retirement benefits and arbitrary selection procedure requires much to be desired. ABRSM calls upon government to address the problems of these teachers. There is a new tendency creeping in school education system in the form of contract and part time teachers. If government does not control this tendency in the initial stage it will be prevalent in the whole education system resulting in down-grading the quality of education and whole nation will suffer later.
Resolutions : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
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